Discover Neukloster

Monastery Sonnenkamp
(at 800 meters distance)

From the former monastery buildings the late Roman brick church with its decorated brick front, the bell tower and the presbytery still remain. The Roman glass painting windows of the monastery church are among the oldest and meaning fullest peace’s of “Ostsee”art. Now a days the presbytery is used as a daycare center.

Small Museum
(at 700 meter distance)

Situated in a „Fachwerk“ house, build fort he guardian in 1837, is a small local museum.

(at 300 meters distance)

In the northeast part of the heart shaped, 2,6 km2, lake you will find our swim and sunbathing area. You can use this without any extra costs.

Three nons on the marketplace
(at 1.100 meters distance)

At the marketplace you can find the artpiece „Drei Nonnen“ made by ceramics artist Dörte Michaelis. She made the artpiece in remembrance of the founding of the monastery.

Swedisch Oak
(at 800 meters distance)

Directly next tot he Swedisch Oak you can find a four piece sculpture made by artist Rainer Kessel. A helmet with collar, a horse’s head, a wagon wheel and a bird remember of the Swedisch occupation.

Art on the railing
(Entfernung 900 Meter)

Rostockian artist Wolfgang Friedrich created an art history, from past until present times, fort he balconies at the old market.

Grand Duchy Mecklenburg institute for the blind
(at 200 meters distance)

Along the heritage protected “Allee der August-Bebel- Straße you find the brick buildings. Today the area (1864) is used as a school and boarding school for the education of blind and visually impaired people.