The city Neukloster is a typical Mecklenburgian city with lovely restaurated historical buildings, former smallholding.

In the northern part of nature park Sternberger Seenland lies Neukloster embedded in a landscape formed by glaciers and is surrounded by smaller and bigger lakes and forests.

With the founding of monastery Sonnenkamp in the year 1219, Neukloster became an important centre in the region. The reformation in 1555 was the end of monastery.
Until the end of the 30 year war Neukloster and Wismar belonged to Sweden. As of 1903 Neukloster and Wismar belonged to the German Empire again.

The movement of the teacher education from Ludwigslust in 1862 and the founding of institute for the blind in 1864 was an important impulse for the development of the city. After the connection tot he railnetwork in 1887 industrial industry flourished.

Because of Neukloster’s untouched nature, Neukloster was an important refuge for the people of Wismar. Also now a days a lot of people appriciate the idyllic city and settle there.